Willow Innovation 

Willow Innovation helps entrepreneurial clients commercialise their intellectual property by providing management services including development and implementation of the Business Plan, the intellectual property (IP) strategy, preparing a business for growth generally.

Based in the STFC Harwell science and innovation campus, the consultancy operates at the intersections of innovation | technology | commercialisation. I work with inventors and entrepreneurial SMEs up to larger corporates, helping them commercialise and exploit their ideas and intellectual property.

The consultancy adheres to the standards and Management Consultancy Service Provider procedures set out in BS EN 16114 (2011).

2017 witnessed the development of a new activity: responding to client demand, I also undertake pure business development, that is the consultancy markets and sells technical products and services on behalf of its manufacturing clients.

Complementing this salesmanship, the company has five main areas of activity:

1) Strategy development/identifying the IP/developing a Business Model/Business Plan authorship. Reasoning: development of an IP strategy for protecting the concept adds long term asset value. Defining the Business Model explains how the IP strategy will be realised.

2) Researching and securing sources of finance such as grants, investors, match-funding, venture capital. Without such resources, the business will fail.  With broad commercial, engineering and project management backgrounds, I am able to comprehend the fundamentals of most technologies. I am often called upon to use creative writing skills to encapsulate the USP’s in a convincing grant application, be it InnovateUK, Horizon 2020 or others.

3) Developing physical product prototypes or systems to prove an idea actually works, retaining design consultancies, software coders, patent attorneys, etc. as needed. By taking a device concept and having it made supports the investment case and helps stakeholders understand the value.

4) Assessing whether a start-up idea is viable, marketable and commercial.This calls on a range of skills to look at the whole idea, the package and team, and identify the skills, technology and management capability to make a business viable or not.

5) General managerial consulting with a strong emphasis on exploiting pre-existing IP, ie. business development.I also fulfil the roles of advisor, market researcher, mentor, networker or flexible project manager.

Client Projects Overview

Horizon 2020 Grant Application author at TWI Cambridge, Senior Board Advisor at Green Sea Guard, Director of NuKey Europe low energy proton capture, Technology Scout at Strategic Allies, Marketing Director at Oxford Caresense Ltd., Commercial Director at Halter Management acoustically enhanced freezing, Proposal and Project Coordinator for Wayleaves & Easements